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Discovering and developing drugs according to the “asset-centric” strategy depends entirely on the availability of high quality out-sourced service providers, who not only deliver the R&D infra-structure for small and virtual biotech companies, but who understand the essential differences between “asset-centric” R&D and the classical model. DrugBaron has founded and worked for more than a dozen asset-centric companies over the last decade, developing both small molecules and biologics in a wide range of indications. That experience has identified those service providers (usually smaller than the global brands) who understand “asset-centric” R&D and who can support new companies adopting this strategy.  Those are the companies listed here.

Accounting & Back-Office Services

A professional services company exclusively dedicated to supporting companies within the biotechnology industry.

Out Sourced Drug Developer

Specialising in delivering an entire road map of drug development services from discovery through to preclinical/clinical Phase IIa.

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